Fighting the War on Waste

Fighting the War on Waste - One Travel Mug at a Time
For the past few months, the news has been filled with shocking figures on the waste created by our country’s addiction to coffee on-the-go. Billions of coffee cups are binned yearly, with only 1% being recycled and 99% ending up in landfill, building a 25-tonne waste mountain!

Now, you may be thinking,

“There are so many issues with our planet, plastic pollution, global warming and poverty, to name a few. What difference can I make?”

Well, the answer is, in the UK we can make a huge difference if we all take part! Replacing disposable materials with reusable and fully recyclable products is something that every one of us can do to eradicate this country-wide problem.

It shouldn’t be too difficult, intentions are good. Mintel reports that 87% of coffee drinkers in the UK are already trying to dispose of their cups in recycling bins. (Mintel’s Coffee Shop report, 2016.) Flawed information has led to the assumption that disposable coffee cups are an environmentally-friendly item. Many think, “It’s a paper cup so it must be recyclable and biodegradable…right?”

Recent news has been highlighting this misconception, uncovering the truth that an additional plastic “waterproofing” layer on the cups adds a certain complexity to the recycling process that currently, only 3 factories in the UK are equipped to handle. 


What Can You Do?


Jump on the Reusable Coffee Cup Bandwagon!

You can do your part by jumping on the reusable coffee cup bandwagon! Branded travel mugs and flasks make a great promotional gift for loyal or top customers. They can be used as employee milestone gifts or incentives, event giveaways and business meeting gifts. As long as you create suitable imagery and branding for your environment and for the recipients, travel mugs offer cost-effective exposure for your brand. Promoting your brand to all who catch a glimpse of their morning coffee, your customers and staff will be happy to use their free gift and will love you just a little bit more!


Employee Milestones & Gifts

If you are looking for new ideas on how to gift or incentivise your employees then have a think about a more premium style that they will really treasure.

Valhalla Copper Vacuum Travel Mug


Thank Loyal Customers

Similarly, customers should be gifted with a more premium travel mug if you are intending to send a message of gratitude for their loyalty. The gift should match their perceived value to your business.

Geo Insulated Tumbler

Event Giveaways

Think about the event and your audience when you choose your drinkware gift for exhibitions. You will want to stand out from the crowd in your own way, whilst staying true to your brand and your company image.

Brite Americano Thermal Mug

Meeting Merchandise

Looking to impress a client or potential client? Put yourself in their shoes and think about the type of gift that would impress you.

Contigo Byron Travel Mug


What Coffee Shops Can Do to Help Influence a Change in Consumer Behaviour


Make an Offer

Mintel’s Coffee Shop Report (2016) discovered that 58% of coffee drinkers would like coffee shops to offer a discount if they use their own travel mugs.

Make it Desirable

Think about the mugs that office workers have at their desks, how can you replicate this? Consumers will want to buy & reuse a travel mug featuring a quote or imagery that they can relate to, or something that makes them smile.

Play to Customer’s Values

Do your own customer research or analyse secondary data to gain insight into your customer base. What values do they hold? Will a charity donation for every reusable mug purchase or use float their boat? Will a stamp card do the trick? How about a free cookie?

Discounts, incentives and an attractive range of travel mugs can all work to encourage your customers to make the switch.


How Companies are tackling the Coffee Cup Problem


Companies of all sizes have been experimenting with their own offerings. Starbucks is trialling a 5p charge on disposable cups in around 25 of their central London outlets for 3 months from February. Sandwich chain “Eat” states it uses only compostable cups and is working on a solution for their lids, and McDonald's has installed recycling units in around 80% of its UK stores. Most companies are yet to take action but this needs to change if we are going kick our annual 25-tonne waste mountain habit!


Ask for a Sample

Discounts, incentives and an attractive range of travel mugs can all work to encourage your customers to make the switch.