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Refer someone you know and both receive a luxury food hamper*!

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When they place an order with us you will both receive a luxury food hamper*!

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Referral Process

The Terms & Conditions Below Apply

1. In order for both the “referrer” and the “referred” to receive a “Luxury Food Hamper”, the referred must place an order of £200 or over (or a few orders that total £200) with Micromarketing Ltd within 6 months of our first contact with them.
2. The gift pictured is for commercial reasons only. The “Luxury Food Hamper” will look different to the one pictured.
3. The Micromarketing Referral Programme is available to everyone. You must work for the company you are making the referral from to receive your gift. The “Luxury Food Hamper” will be delivered to the company address.
4. The “referred” company must not have been a customer to Micromarketing Ltd or Micromagnetics within two years of the date that the referral is submitted.
5. The “referred” must not already be in negotiations with Micromarketing Ltd.
6. Referrals must be made directly through the website referrals page linked here, or by emailing or calling your referral through to a member of staff. You should receive confirmation that your referral has been received.
7. You can only refer the same company once, but you can refer as many different companies as you wish so long as you have their permission to do so.
8. Where possible, you must try and gain permission from a company before you put them forward as a referral.
9. Micromarketing Ltd has the right to change the gift at any time, although we will always aim to supply the gift advertised at the time of submission.
10. Offer not valid for self-referrals
11. Micromarketing Ltd reserves the right to cancel the Referral Program without prior notice in its entirety or for a specific referrer at any time for any reason.
12. All questions or disputes regarding eligibility for the Referral Program will be resolved by Micromarketing Ltd in its sole discretion.
13. We respect your right to privacy. We collect and process all data in accordance with UK data protection legislation currently in force. The privacy policy can be read here.


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