Slimming World Printed T-Shirts

Iridescent Print on Slimming World’s Branded Campaign T-Shirts
Branded t-shirts are an effective promotional tool offering a wider reach than many other promotional products. They are popular choices for events as they considerably increase awareness and give your brand extra “presence”.

Slimming World Iridescent T-Shirts

Long-standing customer, Slimming World, required a bold, sparkly print on t-shirts for their consultants to wear during upcoming campaigns. We screen-printed 14,300 Campaign Crew Neck T-Shirts with an iridescent silver ink to both sides. Slimming World also requested 9,100 Charity Scoop neck t-shirts with one colour print to both sides for SMILES, the company’s charitable foundation supporting multiple causes. (Image gallery below.)


The Screen-Printing Process

Screen-printing is an ideal decoration method when producing in high quantities and it can be the most cost-effective method of print. The high-quality print washes very well and maintains its quality for a respectable length of time.


Inks Mixed to Client’s Pantone

Pantone formula scales are used to weigh each ink and mix according to the Pantone recipe. For Slimming World, iridescent silver and white inks were used.


Films and Screens Produced

Films and screens are produced based on the approved artwork. Our design team sets up the films before the designs are sent to our digital light engraving machine (1 of only 3 in the UK) to produce the screens.


Screen Printing Carousels

Once the screens are produced they are loaded on to the screen-printing carousels where 14 fully-automatic carousels print directly onto the t-shirts.


Low-Impact Burn Dryers

Once each t-shirt is printed, it is sent down the dryer for the ink to be cured. Clean burn dryers are used as they have less impact on the environment. Each individual t-shirt is checked for quality-control as it comes off the dryer.
“Each individual t-shirt is checked for quality-control as it comes off the dryer.”



Once printed, the t-shirts are moved to the packing department where they are packed by hand with the aid of an automated bagging machine, packing 400 per hour.

NB: We are currently exploring an environmentally-friendly alternative to plastic bagging.


The Results

The finished product is stunning and both Slimming World and Micro are ecstatic with the results. You can see the exceptional quality of the print from the photographs.

A range of special effects, including foil print, glow in the dark, metallic and heat responsive inks are other bold choices available when printing on t-shirts.


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How T-Shirts are Screen-Printed

Iridescent Print on Slimming World’s Campaign T-Shirts

Slimming World’s t-shirts are shown screen-printed with white and iridescent ink. Screen-printing is an ideal decoration method for high-quantities. It can be the most cost-effective method of print and washes very well, maintaining its quality.