Take Action Today - Put Them Away
Every year, thousands of infants need medical care for poisoning from products commonly found in and around the home. Most accidental poisoning happens to children under 5 years old (on average 15 under 5s each day).

About RoSPA

For almost 100 years, RoSPA has been quietly working behind the scenes to change both legislation and attitudes surrounding accidents. This campaign, run by RoSPA (The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) aims to promote awareness and to prevent child poisoning and eye injuries from household cleaning products. The campaign will equip consumers with the skills and knowledge to recognise the dangers of accidental poisoning in the home encouraging them to take steps to prevent these incidents.


 Gemma Duke RoSPA Magnetic Notepad Courtesy RoSPA

Image: Gemma Duke, courtesy of RoSPA.


The Bespoke Mag-Pad

The key educational element of the campaign started off with a magnetic hanger with a detachable pad - “The Mag-Pad”, displaying safety advice that can be put on a fridge or other metallic appliance. The Mag-Pad has been distributed to hospitals, health visitors, children’s centres and nurseries.

Micro later designed and supplied a completely bespoke magnetic notepad for this campaign which allowed a more complex message to be communicated.

Campaign Success

Following a series of RoSPA home safety campaigns, early figures (2014/2015) show the number of children attending hospital emergency departments due to poisoning has been reduced. Over 240,000 families have been helped to prevent poisoning and eye injuries in Birmingham, Liverpool, King’s Lynn, Nottingham and Bradford. The campaign has recently been launched across Northern Ireland and Lincolnshire.

Sheila Merrill comments,

"Micro has produced two bespoke products for us and nothing is too much trouble. We have always had a fantastic service and Micro fully supports our work. The staff are friendly and efficient, offering help and ideas when needed, and most importantly, deadlines are always met."

Birmingham and Liverpool

Birmingham and Liverpool saw a 50% decrease in admittance of children under the age of 5 attending A&E as a result of accidental ingestion/poisoning.


In Bradford, there has been a 25% decrease in admissions for accidental poisoning among the under 5s.

Newcastle, Nottingham & Norfolk

Newcastle, Nottingham & Norfolk are in the early stages of a campaign.


Whilst not part of the UKCPI funded campaign, the work in Glasgow achieved an 88% decrease in admissions at the Yorkhill Hospital.


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Sponsors - Falls Prevention Home Safety Congress
Micro sponsored this event in March 2017 which focussed on fall prevention amongst the elderly and was well attended by home safety practitioners, public health officers and workers with an interest in home safety for older people in particular.